That Really Neat Radio Show Edition 23 Mash-Up

On this edition

Andreas Rau gives us an OP ED you won't read in the pages of he Democrat & Chronicle

Part 3 of Gay Youth: the Invisible Minority: Homophobia and Suicide

Lost & Found - A WWI fighter pilot finds his old airplane

So you guys think you can handle pain better than a woman? Better listen to this: Men In Labor

Bits Bytes & Teraflops: Blue Zones

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That Really Neat Radio Show Edition 22 Mash-Up

Andreas Rau, our Politics and Issues Commentator, illustrates just how important our upcoming elections are to the city                                                                                      We take a listen to the Genesee Quilters Club                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Our arts Arts producer, Diane Conway, introduces us to a local poet and artist, Lu Highsmith                                                                                                                                                Then we go out and contemplate the Zen of Motor Cycle Riding                                                                                                                                                                                              Next, Part Two of our 5 part series on Gay Youth                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Finally, we listen in on the actual evolution ….. of music with Darwin Tunes dot org

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That Really Neat Radio Show Edition 21 Mash-Up

Welcome - Pardon the barrel from which we are broadcasting in this edition. We are upgrading.


Politics & Issues, Andreas Rau - Growing Violence

Education & Learning, Lori (LF) Thomas

Gay Youth - Part 1 of 5

Bits Bytes & Teraflops: Subliminal Communication

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That Really Neat Radio Show Edition 20 Mash-Up

Welcome to the 20th Edition of that That Really Neat Radio Show

Its a mash-up, culling 5 segments from the nearly 100 thus far produced.

However, the program starts cold with a new one: The Politics and Issues segment produced

by Andrea Rau.

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That Really Neat Radio Show 19th Edition

On this, the 19th Edition

Mothers fight Common Core and High Stakes Testing

Andreas Rau: The 2013 City Election is crucial

The Cost of Carbon

Remembrance: One of the first pioneers in the battle against Polio

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That Really Neat Radio Show 18th Edition

18th Editio


Robert Reich, the myth of Americans living beyond their means

Andeas Rau, the story behind the story of Rochester's  mayoral campaign

Nick and Philomina E-Ihuekwu get in the kitchen and bake some bread

Bits Bytes & Teraflops: A new oceanic won't sting

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That Really Neat Radio Show 17th Edition


Robert Reich - The hoax of entitlement reform

Andreas Rau - The part-time job thats a full-time embarassmet

L FL Thomas - She tells us a story - we provide an alternate ending

Diane Conway - Takes us behind her curtain

A new Rochester author who gives radical insight to healthy living & cooking

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That Really Neat Radio Show 16th Edition

First up, political analysis from Andreas Rau - An olympic faux pas?

In Washington, DC our own LF Thomas is getting her hands dirty in the trenches of national politics and education…

Then, the Name Behind Number … 3 School

And, in Bits Bytes and Teraflops, Parental Warning: The Great Porn Experiment - answering the question, is online erotica addictive? (An "extended segment)

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That Really Neat Radio Show 15th Edition

We're Baaaak!

Yes, the long awaited Edition Number 15.

Program Rundown

Political Analyst Andreas Rau says that when it comes to Monroe Community College and the city, its all about Location, Location, Location.

The Name behind the Number: Who is the person for whom School Number 2 is named?

A Rochester guitarist returns to Rochester and is looking to start an all girl band.

Bits Bytes & Teraflops: Just where in the heck have you been for nearly 2 months?!

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That Really Neat Radio Show 14th Edition

An informative and entertaining weekly news magazine for Rochester and Upstate NY

Program Billboard

1 - Reducio ad absurdom: Our government, our guns

2 - A female guitarist who makes Rochester proud

3 - Maggie Brooks' new media campaign - high farce?

4 - Who educates whom?

5 - From his heart, President Obama

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